1IMG_4130It’s a lot more complicated than buying a new showerhead, and depending on the budget, bathroom shower remodeling can be more complicated than rebuilding a paneled shower.

Innovations are appearing all the time that incorporate new stylistic and ecological elements into the design of a bathroom shower. From chic to abstract, green to cheap, there are constant developments in bathroom shower remodeling, and we’ve listed three of the most interesting.

  1. Spa systems. Some of the top interior designers have adapted the shower systems of elegant spas for domestic use. Placid streams like rainwater fall from modern fixtures, and often the walls of the shower are removed, creating the sense that it spans the entire bathroom. Since water pressure is so low, the splash radius is minimal, and each system is built to accommodate the unique measurements of every bathroom.
  2. Steam closets. Any traditional showerhead will produce ample steam on its own, but some new shower systems have additional nozzles all along the wall that only emit hot vapor. Many people use steam rooms to moisturize their skin, treat respiratory problems, and stimulate blood circulation. They’re costly additions to the home, so these shower systems can serve as a less expensive alternative.
  3. Aging in place. Bathroom shower remodeling isn’t just about incorporating the latest technology into a home; it often has practical purposes. Preparing a house for age requires changes in just about every room, but installing appropriate showers and tubs can be the most important. Both showers and tubs now exist that are safer for the elderly: whether shallower to prevent tripping or specially designed for stability, they can increase a home’s value and safety immensely.