Bathroom additions are often a choice made out of necessity or practicality, rather than a desire to spruce up your space. People might choose to add a bathroom to a home office, an outdoor pool area, or alongside an additional story. If your new room could use a little fixing up, here are three areas worth revamping in many Hampton bathroom additions.

Bathroom remodel in Yorktown Virginia by A. Tatum Photography

  1. Upgrade Your Bathing Options

When adding a bathroom to their house, many homeowners opt for a half bath, or a room with a toilet and a sink, but no shower. If this is the case with your Hampton bathroom addition, and you’ve got the space for it, why not put in a shower? It could come in handy when you have overnight guests. If you opt for a standup one, consider also adding a bathtub if there’s room.

Virginia Bathroom Remodel

  1. Mix Up Materials

Bathrooms tend to be the most theme-oriented of all the rooms in a house, and in a late addition, this tendency can go overboard. If you are renewing your bathroom addition, mix up the patterns on the walls, countertops, and cabinetry. An accent wall painted in a rich, dark color can help the space recede and feel larger.

Bathroom remodel in Yorktown, VA by A. Tatum Photography

  1. Revamp Your Cabinetry

In smaller spaces, such as Hampton bathroom additions, the size and layout of your cabinetry can make a huge difference in the overall feel of your room. Floor to ceiling models in slim silhouettes, particularly with recessed handles, can make your ceiling seem higher and the space feel more accessible overall.

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