The home decoration and remodeling arena is one of the most trend- and fad-driven industries, next to fashion and entertainment. Here are ten remodeling tips and ideas for 2011:

• Investing in your home increases its life and value which is money well spent. When planning the finances avoid high interest loans; pay close attention to fixed rates and variable rates. Count the cost carefully in advance, make sure you have sufficient funds to cover all expenses, and be watchful for savings options and discounts. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to go all out to get a new look; sometimes even just a small change can make a huge difference.

• Finances are always a concern for most people, especially given the economy. Hence, a bathroom shower remodel has become a popular option for those who would like a change but can’t afford to completely renovate the entire house, or a larger room. Changing out the tile, the shower, or the sink is a good small project.

• If you’re hiring a contractor, be conscious of the reputation and quality of work of whichever company you hire. For Virginia home improvement projects, you can trust Criner Remodeling to provide a level of service and professionalism seldom found elsewhere.

• Some people are opting to do the necessary projects and not focus on jobs that are more aesthetic. Replacing the roof or the furnace or repairing water damage are more of a priority than sprucing up the living room, and you should plan your expenses or remodeling schedule accordingly.

Deck Addition Criner Remodeling

• For the summer months, decks are quite popular. Adding a deck to the house, either on ground level or as a balcony from the second-floor, gives the homeowners more usable living space and will also increase property value.

• A major trend is to be more environmentally friendly. This is reflected in the appliances you choose, as well as the windows and construction materials chosen. It’s best to get the input of a certified green professional for help in exploring the possibilities, as well as advice on how to best take advantage of government incentives for energy efficiency.

• If you’re able to do a larger project, you may want to change your floor plan by opening spaces. By combining two smaller rooms, or enlarging doorways between rooms, the house feels more spacious and inviting. A custom kitchen remodeling job may include opening up this room to segue into the dining room more smoothly.

Re-purposing rooms is also popular. People are looking for some sort of relaxation space. Oftentimes, this means turning an extra bedroom into a den, study, or hobby room (like a scrap-booking room, for you creative types). If you need more space, you might convert a garage into an additional bedroom or exercise room. You may also add a massaging shower head and other paper writing help features to a master bathroom to enhance the spa-like, relaxing feel.

• There has been a parting of ways for inner décor; one faction of homeowners is leaning towards the industrial or commercial look. Straight lines, neutral colors, and the use of steel and concrete are complimented by black and white art for unconventional homes.

• Conversely, the other group of homeowners cherishes the combination of warm colors, wood flooring, and modern features. People want to come into a room and feel comfortable, but not be overwhelmed with something too modern or stark.